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Layer Grown Model Technology Services

Jim McMahon is the owner of Layer Grown Model Technology located in Londonderry, NH.  Mr. McMahon and Mr. Philbrook have been close associates in the 3D and ink jet technology for 30 years.  Mr. McMahon's company provides onsite service for all of the current and past machines from Solidscape and Sanders Design International.  He provides motors, circuit boards, cutters, bearings, belts, and many more items as well as in house expert machine repair.  Mr. McMahon's qualifications and extensive experience qualifies him as the Go To source for reliable technical information.  Visit his website at layergrownmodel.com  and check out his 3D printing museum.  Also, follow him on LinkedIn.Type your paragraph here.

Rapid Cast Build & Support Materials

Mr. Philbrook has had a long term relationship with Mr. James Theoharris (JT) of Sigma TCT in La Habra, California.  Their relationship began with JT's involvement with Sanders Prototype, Inc., as an early re-seller of the first commercially viable 3D printer, the Model Maker 6PRO.  Mr. Philbrook was JT's in house technical contact on matters of print heads, heated lines, materials, and just about anything else.  When Ballistic Fluid Technologies, L.L.C.(BFT) was formed in late 2004, JT was one of BFT's first customers.  JT had developed a successful service bureau working with jewelers and others requiring any investment casting with  fine detail demands.  In 2009, Mr. Philbrook sold a license to JT to start manufacturing and distributing the materials then know and produced by BFT as BFT Build, and BFT Support.  Since then JT has been handling all of the manufacturing and distribution of the materials now known as Rapid Cast Build, & Rapid Cast Support.