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Ballistic Fluid Technologies, L.L.C., is engaged in the activity of supplying repaired,  refurbished, and re-manufactured print heads, originally manufactured by any of the companies who are now, or have been involved in production of Rapid Prototyping machines utilizing ink jet technology.  Ballistic Fluid Technologies, L.L.C. (BFT) is not and does not have any intentions of entering into any final use technologies wherein the devices that are submitted to us for repair or refurbishment are actually used.  The only exception to this would be a possible R & D effort undertaken by a client as long as there were no apparent conflicts or infringements on the technology rights of others.

BFT will repair, refurbish, or re-manufacture any piezo driven device as mentioned above for a fee determined from the price list.  BFT will not provide service on any device currently under warrantee or protected by any service contract.  All prospective clients must visit our contract page and agree to these conditions before BFT will perform any work.

BFT will also provide generic ink jet kits, including drivers, for the expressed purpose of demonstration.  This can include, but will not be limited to, laboratory jets, room temperature jets, and components for demonstration.

It is strongly recommended to contact the individual original equipment manufacturers for new replacements and services.

So, if you have an old print head from one of the past or current manufacturers or ink jet based rapid prototyping equipment, that is not covered under a service contract or warrantee, then call us or email us with your situation and we will be pleased to assist you in any way that we can.

BFT services may change from time to time so we suggest that you visit our website often to fully avail yourselves of our updates.  




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